Thursday, December 13, 2007

We Have Been Picked By Danwei

Danwei, a nice blog about "Chinese media, advertising, and urban life" has picked Xiao Chuanguo's open letter from our blog as its "Danwei Picks" of 12/12/2007. Here is what Danwei said about the piece:

Xiao Chuangguo is an academic whom anti-fraud activist Fang Zhouzi accused of falsifying his resume. He sued, and published a rather nasty open letter before legal proceedings began last year. A translation of that letter appears on a new blog, the China Scientific & Academic Integrity Watch, which follows the activity of people in China working to uphold academic and professional standards.
Danwei had also reported on Fang Zhouzi's efforts in the past.

Also, a couple of days ago, Danwei reported that blogspot has been unblocked in China. They keep a great tab on the blocking and unblocking of various sites by the Great Chinese Firewall.

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