Sunday, March 9, 2008

OSAIC Reports on Donations to Fang Zhouzi's Court Cases

Back near the end of 2006, things were looking rather bleak for Fang Zhouzi. He had just lost three court cases brought by people he had exposed as fraud. Each case imposed steep penalty in damage payouts. Although he had vowed, and has been continuing, to defy the court orders and refuse paying any fines during appeals, he also faced mounting legal fees that he could not avoid.

It was at that time, the Organization for Scientific & Academic Integrity in China (OSAIC) was formed in the United States to provide financial backings for his and other similar endeavor. Registered in the State of Florida as a not-for-profit organization, OSAID's Bylaw states that her purpose is to provide "financial support for efforts in the exposure of and legal actions against scientific and academic frauds, as well as promotion of general scientific knowledge in China."

After more than a year, OSAIC had just released it's first annual report. As of November 5, 2007, OSAIC had collected donations in the amount of $30,449.61. Pretty much all the donations came through the internet, by the community who had followed closely the New Threads web site.

In the past year, OSAIC also provided funds of $4,842.58 for Fang Zhouzi and his lawyer to defend the libel and defamation cases in China. Also, it provided another $11,200.00 for the defense of Xiao Chuangguo's case filed in New York.

OSAIC is also in the process of securing the 501c(3) tax exemption status. However, so far it has been tied up in IRS paperwork.

You can visit this donation page (in Chinese) to make a donation to OSAIC.

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