Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Teacher Calls For A Ban Of "Inbreeding" in College

An open letter anonymously signed as "Young College Teacher at Capital" is published at New Threads today, calling for a ban of what he/she called "inbreeding" in colleges in China.

Apparently it has become a common practice that teachers in a college in China can apply for and be admitted to the graduate schools of the same school (presumably within the same research area of his/her teaching). It is billed as a win-win convenience: the teacher can continue to teach in the school while pursuing and obtaining a higher degree.

Such "inbreeding" behavior, the open letter stated, is absolutely forbidden in the colleges of most other countries, as it could lead to academic corruptions worse than cheating and plagiarism. It could seriously damage the credibility of the graduate school program.

The open letter also cited a statistics that, on average, 60% of teachers in a college in China graduated from the same college they are now teaching in.

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