Friday, November 13, 2009

OSAIC Calls for Donation to Support Victims

Issues of academic integrity normally are confined within the elite community of academics and scholars, rarely affecting the common people. However, when an unproven surgical procedure is practiced on patients without proper disclosure of its risks, the results could be devastating.

Dr. Xiao Chuanguo's procedure is such an example. While Xiao Chuanguo and his hospital claim that the socalled "Xiao's Procedure" has a success rate of 85%, evidences are now emerging that the number is most likely a lie. A recent telephone survey of 74 former patients conducted by Fang Zhouzi's lawyer finds that in more than 73% of cases the procedure had no effect at all. Worse, 39% of them had severe and even crippling side effects.

Most of these patients are from poor families who had spent their life's savings for the procedure. Some of them intend to sue hospital for false advertisement, but are lacking resources to do so.

The Organization of Scientific and Academic Integrity in China
has established a new fund intended to help the innocent victims of academic fraud. The primary purpose of the fund is to provide financial aid in legal procedures to the families who can not afford it. OSAIC is calling for donations.

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