Saturday, August 8, 2009

Professor Fined for his Language

Two years ago, Professor Zhang Boting (张博庭) wrote a post in his blog answering a newspaper report, which criticizes hydro-power development. Being an expert on the subject, Zhang Boting rebuffed the arguemtns presented in the newspaper article and claimed the reporter as "ignorant and shameless" (无知无耻). In the article, he also labeled the reporter as a retard (弱智).

The reporter sued and won the case. Yesterday a lcoal court in Beijing sided with the reporter and decided that Zhang Boting has commited personal insult and therefore is liable to defamation. He was ordered to openly apologize and pay a fine of 2,000 Yuan (290 USD).

In the court proceddings, Zhang Boting defended himself by saying that the langauge was a precise description of the said reporter. The court did turn down the plantiff's initial request of 10,000 Yuan for emotional distress. There is no word if Zhang Boting is going to appeal.

Zhang Boting has been a frequent writer for New Thread, using a pen name 水博.

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