Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another Victim Speaks Up

Another victim of the abusive Professor Ai Yuncan speaks up today, with his real name Wang Kai (汪凯). It's the first one who did not use anonymity or a pseudonym. In 2003, Wang was a graduate student for a Master degree with Ai. Ai intended Wang to study for Ph. D. instead. But due to his parents' illness and financial difficulty, Wang was intending to graduate with just a Master. This decision did not bode well with Ai.

In his letter to New Threads, Wang detailed the long and miserable abuses he had to suffer subsequently. Professor Ai claimed his work was worthless and refused to allow him to graduate. Neither was he allowed to do real work in the lab. What's more, Professor Ai rejected Wang's many attempts to apologize and reconcile. Ai claimed that Wang's parents should be held responsible for Wang's "immaturity". Therefore, Wang's sick parents had to travel to school and personally apologize to the professor. Wang's father was literally down to his knees, although Professor Ai did stop him at the last minute.

After Wang finally graduated and left, his work, claimed to be worthless by Professor Ai, was published by Ai in the Proceedings of Sun Yet-sen University. Both Wang Kai and Ai Yuncan were among the authors. But neither was the first author.

The first author was Meng Fanmei (孟繁梅) -- Ai Yuncan's wife.

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