Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Newspaper in Yunnan Follows Up on Wang Rui

The fraud case of Wang Rui has been exposed for a while, but there is still no official response or action from his school. But thankfully, a small local newspaper 春城晚报 is not giving up. It published an article yesterday documenting its reporter's efforts in uncovering Wang's dirty trail. By now, the reporter was able to contact most of the real authors of papers Wang Rui had cited as his own. These authors faxed testimonies and angry reactions to Wang's claim.

However, there is also evidence that Wang's threat of lawsuit may not be an empty one after all. Professor Chen-Loung Chen at NC State told the reporter that he had received a letter from someone claiming to be Wang Rui's wife, warning him not to get involved since they have begun legal proceedings.

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