Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Xiao Chuanguo Detained for Assaulting on Fang Zhouzi

Beijing Police Bureau announced last night that they have cracked the case of Fang Zhouzi's assault. They identified Xiao Chuanguo, the professor who pioneered the controversial "Xiao's Procedure" and a long-time target of Fang Zhouzi's fraud exposure, as the mastermind behind the attack. Xiao Chuanguo and three other suspects are currently detained by the police.

Police also said that they had uncovered iron hammers and steel pipes, tools that were used in separate previous attacks on Fang Zhouzi and Fang Xuanchang.

Fang Zhouzi first exposed Xiao Chuanguo's misconducts in 2005 for lying about his resume. Xiao Chuanguo launched a series of law suits against Fang Zhouzi. Later, Fang Zhouzi further questioned the effectiveness of the "Xiao's Procedure," a charge that has also led to court cases in China and apparently supported by a recent clinical trial result.

The police will have further details as they continue their investigation.

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Zachary Burton, Ph.D. said...

I am pleased to see apparent progress made by the Chinese police in the cases of the attacks on Fang Zhouzi and Fang Xuanchang. As Fang Shimin's former research mentor at Michigan State University, I am deeply concerned about his safety and human rights.